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2.3.8 = 25/07/20

  • Launch Background Matches Chosen Tile Color

2.3.7 = 17/07/20

  • Fixed a Image Rendering Issue in the Dashboard

2.3.6 = 25/06/20

  • The App now uses a different database to store data.
    You will have to migrate your Tiles by going to the Dashboard and Tapping Migrate Data.
  • Added a couple more UserAgents Firefox for Desktop and iPad Mini for Tablet Forms
  • Enabled Dashboard to manage all the WebApps. You can now manage settings on a Individual App basis
    So if you need one App to use one UserAgent while having another use a different one its possible.
  • Permissions also can now be set for each WebApp,
    So you can allow Google Maps location access but keep it restricted for others etc.

This will probably be the last I work on this App. Thanks for your support.
Please feel free to inform me of any bugs that need to be fixed.

1.2.6 = 11/06/20 ūüėĒ almost 2 years to the day

  • Tile Color Picker Added
  • Support for Wide Tiles
  • User-Agent selection between Default Builtin Edge / Samsung Note 9 Android 9 Chrome Browser / iPhone 6S iOS 12.2 Safari
  • Ability to Open a Page in Edge (Note don’t expect it to continue your session, it just opens the like in edge)

1.2.5 = 09/06/18

  • Fixed a bug that caused crash on start of a Pinned App without performing Data Migration
    i.e.  After updating to 1.2.4 opening a Pinned App without first Loading PAWA
  • Chosen WebApp Image Appears on load.

1.2.4 = 08/06/18

  • New CommandBar (New options will appear here in future)
  • Fullscreen Toggle in CommandBar
  • Toggle to make Progress Indicator Optional @ Dashboard
  • Toggle to make CommandBar Optional @ Dashboard
  • Fixed Certain Scrolling Issues
  • PageCache Enabled (Scroll Positions of previous pages should be in memory as much as the memory can handle)
  • Fixed ProgressBar Not Stopping

1.2.3  = 26/04/18

  • Progress Indicator on Top (If its too small let me know)
  • True Fullscreen on Web Videos. (the Taskbar /Navbar are hidden properly)

1.2.2 = 17/04/18

  • Added Camera / WebCam Support
  • Added Mic Support
  • New Tiles created will be added to JumpList
  • Clearing Cache is now Possible from Dashboard
  • Pinned Tiles in Dashboard (Testing)
  • Can Add Existing Pinned Tiles to JumpList from Dashboard
  • Get Icon shows a link to WebApp’s icon.¬† (Testing) If pics are reliable will add to main App later
  • Donate Button is Functioning
  • Removed Feedback Hub Since I can’t manage or receive information over there,
    the data goes to microsoft and I don’t have much control over it.
  • Local Network Sources now work.

1.2.1 = 27/03/18

  • NavBar is Back on Mobile
    (Was requested by many)
  • Feedback Hub Link in Help + About Section

1.2.0 = 22/03/18

  • ¬†Fullscreen on Mobile
    (So Video Playback is fullscreen) Status Bar and Nav Bar are hidden
  • Multiple Instances on all Devices (Desktop + Mobile)
    (Each Secondary Tile Opens it own Window)

1.1.5 = 20/03/18

  • Minor Usability Fixes
  • Couple of Crash Conditions Fixed

1.1.4 = 16/03/18

  • ¬†Fixed Duplicate Tile Images Issue
  • Added TitleBar Back Button for Desktop
  • Pop-Up Authentication Now possible (Method not very elegant but works) Typically used when logging with some form of OAuth.
  • Location Support (Google Maps, Uber, etc should work)
  • Notification Support (Limited to when App is open, will work on a future update to enable it to run in background)
  • Debug Details available for me to assist with certain issues.

1.1.3 = 12/03/18

  • Fixed Certain Crashes
  • Trying Support for Build 10586

1.1.2 = 09/03/18

  • Removed Splash Screen
  • Opening a New Tile when App is Open Switches to the chosen WebApp

1.1.1 = Initial Release*

Guide to Version Numbering
Major Version Number (1.x.x) = For major UI changes.
Minor Version Number (x.1.x) = For Feature Updates
Build Version Number (x.x.1) = For  Bug Fixes and Smaller Changes for Existing Functions