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2.3.8 = 25/07/20

  • Launch Background Matches Chosen Tile Color

2.3.7 = 17/07/20

  • Fixed a Image Rendering Issue in the Dashboard

2.3.6 = 25/06/20

  • The App now uses a different database to store data.
    You will have to migrate your Tiles by going to the Dashboard and Tapping Migrate Data.
  • Added a couple more UserAgents Firefox for Desktop and iPad Mini for Tablet Forms
  • Enabled Dashboard to manage all the WebApps. You can now manage settings on a Individual App basis
    So if you need one App to use one UserAgent while having another use a different one its possible.
  • Permissions also can now be set for each WebApp,
    So you can allow Google Maps location access but keep it restricted for others etc.

This will probably be the last updates I work on for this App. Thanks for your support.
Please feel free to inform me of any bugs that need to be fixed.

1.2.6 = 11/06/20 ? almost 2 years to the day

  • Tile Color Picker Added
  • Support for Wide Tiles
  • User-Agent selection between Default Builtin Edge / Samsung Note 9 Android 9 Chrome Browser / iPhone 6S iOS 12.2 Safari
  • Ability to Open a Page in Edge (Note don’t expect it to continue your session, it just opens the like in edge)

1.2.5 = 09/06/18

  • Fixed a bug that caused crash on start of a Pinned App without performing Data Migration
    i.e.  After updating to 1.2.4 opening a Pinned App without first Loading PAWA
  • Chosen WebApp Image Appears on load.

1.2.4 = 08/06/18

  • New CommandBar (New options will appear here in future)
  • Fullscreen Toggle in CommandBar
  • Toggle to make Progress Indicator Optional @ Dashboard
  • Toggle to make CommandBar Optional @ Dashboard
  • Fixed Certain Scrolling Issues
  • PageCache Enabled (Scroll Positions of previous pages should be in memory as much as the memory can handle)
  • Fixed ProgressBar Not Stopping

1.2.3  = 26/04/18

  • Progress Indicator on Top (If its too small let me know)
  • True Fullscreen on Web Videos. (the Taskbar /Navbar are hidden properly)

1.2.2 = 17/04/18

  • Added Camera / WebCam Support
  • Added Mic Support
  • New Tiles created will be added to JumpList
  • Clearing Cache is now Possible from Dashboard
  • Pinned Tiles in Dashboard (Testing)
  • Can Add Existing Pinned Tiles to JumpList from Dashboard
  • Get Icon shows a link to WebApp’s icon.  (Testing) If pics are reliable will add to main App later
  • Donate Button is Functioning
  • Removed Feedback Hub Since I can’t manage or receive information over there,
    the data goes to microsoft and I don’t have much control over it.
  • Local Network Sources now work.

1.2.1 = 27/03/18

  • NavBar is Back on Mobile
    (Was requested by many)
  • Feedback Hub Link in Help + About Section

1.2.0 = 22/03/18

  •  Fullscreen on Mobile
    (So Video Playback is fullscreen) Status Bar and Nav Bar are hidden
  • Multiple Instances on all Devices (Desktop + Mobile)
    (Each Secondary Tile Opens it own Window)

1.1.5 = 20/03/18

  • Minor Usability Fixes
  • Couple of Crash Conditions Fixed

1.1.4 = 16/03/18

  •  Fixed Duplicate Tile Images Issue
  • Added TitleBar Back Button for Desktop
  • Pop-Up Authentication Now possible (Method not very elegant but works) Typically used when logging with some form of OAuth.
  • Location Support (Google Maps, Uber, etc should work)
  • Notification Support (Limited to when App is open, will work on a future updates to enable it to run in background)
  • Debug Details available for me to assist with certain issues.

1.1.3 = 12/03/18

  • Fixed Certain Crashes
  • Trying Support for Build 10586

1.1.2 = 09/03/18

  • Removed Splash Screen
  • Opening a New Tile when App is Open Switches to the chosen WebApp

1.1.1 = Initial Release*

Guide to Version Numbering
Major Version Number (1.x.x) = For major UI changes.
Minor Version Number (x.1.x) = For Feature Updates
Build Version Number (x.x.1) = For  Bug Fixes and Smaller Updates for Existing Functions

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